Saturday, September 26

Black Note Graffiti Release Fitting Political Single “Fallacy”

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Ann Arbor-based Black Note Graffiti has released their latest single, Fallacy, packed with all of the pop rock and punk appeal of their past, beloved songs. Headed by vocalist Gabrielle Bryant, with the talented Ricardo Ortiz on guitars/screamo vocals, Kurt Keller on drums, Kris Keller on guitar, and Adam Nine on bass, Fallacy is filled with all of the energy and bleeding emotions that every Black Note Graffiti fan is going to love today. Written about the combativeness that is associated with politics, Kris Keller stated, “Differing opinion is weaponized not only amongst teenagers, but amongst families as well today. When relationships are families are razed, we’ll ultimately realize the the opinion we held so firmly onto just cost us everything we held dear.”

With their infectious appeal, rock band Black Note Graffiti released Fallacy on April 10, 2020, amid the coronavirus pandemic, hoping to provide listeners with a heavy single for processing out anger, frustration, and grief.

Fallacy was produced by Grammy award-winning producer and engineer Chuck Alkazian at the legendary Pearl Sound Studios. Chuck has worked with the likes of Pop Evil, Soundgarden, and Tantric.

They will release two new EP’s, Volume III Rise and Volume III Fall, due out summer 2020 1421.

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